Folge 43: Jon Darrall Rew – Grab ’em by the Balls

This episode is about our cocks and balls. Jon Darrall Rew has posted on Facebook that he is looking for men around Berlin who are interested to come together and do some healing around our most powerful and as well vulnerable parts. Here a quote from the post:

Something that has been moving for me recently is sincere admiration for those sisters in the contemporary spiritual scene who are healing, integrating and activating their womb space – one of the most sacred temples of a woman’s body, essence and power. In Berlin there are regular, beautiful events in which women come together to engage this process. I celebrate this so much.
Something I have reflected on is that I really don’t see us men doing our version of this work. There is a lot of men’s work out there, which is wonderful, but in the continual flow of Berlin events I see advertised, I don’t see any where men are invited to get together and learn to relate to their cock and balls as the fundamental grounding point for their deepest presence, integrity and power; to connect them with their heart, presence and sense of the sacred; to heal the wounds we have inflicted upon women, each other and ourselves by immature, ego-driven relationships to these spaces of our bodies; to be able to stop identifying our penis as an ‚it‘ – something outside of our own sense of self that drives us to the edge or beyond the boundaries of our integrity; that recognises that for those of us in male bodies, when our alignment with our deepest self extends from God to our soul to our hearts to our cock and balls, this is where our power is found – the power of presence, the life-force of deep masculinity; the power to stand in the world as a pillar of integrity and love in a way that energetically, or sexually, or physically, grounds the life-force in this world.
In my own path I have been experiencing a process around this over the last months.
It feels to me that this is such important work. Think of the damage the immature masculine has done to the world, and still does. Think of the demonstration of masculinity that is showing up in the US presidency right now. To me, it feels that men developing their sense of presence, loving power and integrity so fully that it extends all the way through to this part of the body where we have often been least trustable, is something that could be a major part of the changes we wish to see in the world.

In this episode you will hear about

  • Men’s connection to our bodies and genitals
  • Expression of integrity and truth
  • Feeling emotions with your cock and integrate in your being
  • Cumming or not cumming?
  • Brotherhood and intimacy with other men

Jon Darrall-Rew is co-founder of Synergy Forum and Bright Alliance with Dustin DiPerna. Jon works with the Global Purpose Movement, with individuals as a life path guide, and teaches Dzogchen and Integral Spirituality. He lives in Berlin, Germany. You can find out more about his work at

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