Folge 50: Embodied Masculine

For this episode I spoke with Nils Elzenga and Themen Abourayan from Netherlands who are leading men’s groups and workshops since a while and also offering online courses. Here is what we spoke about:

  • Where are the role models and what is a role model for men?
  • Why it is so important as a man to spend time amongst other men?
  • How we an develop a healthy masculinity?
  • Self-touch to become more sensitive and intimate with your self?

Nils Elzenga (1981) is a writer, trainer and coach with fifteen years of experience in the realms of spirituality and personal development. He is a certified facilitator of Breathwork and of Circling, a powerful relational meditation. With his men’s group he hosts regular events and is now offering The Embodied Masculine, a 6-week online training programme for men.

Themer Abourayan (1984) is a coach, bodyworker and facilitator. After ten years of working on his own growth, while working as an executive in a fast-paced commercial environment, he brings his experience of multiple personal and spiritual development disciplines together in his work. The Embodied Masculine, a 6-week online training programme for men, is the outcome of a deeply felt need to bring men together and create a new healthy masculinity.

For more information on The Embodied (starting date: July 11th, 2020)

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